Rahnuma asks: Who is foreign agent, Anu Muhammad or Tawfiq Elahi?

Subscribe to ShahidulNews DHAKA: Renowned writer, researcher and activist Rahnuma Ahmed asks who is a ?foreign agent?, Anu Muhammad, member-secretary of the National Committee to Protect Oil, Gas, Mineral Resources, Power and Ports, or Dr. Tawfiq-e-Elahi Chowdhury, advisor to the Prime Minister on energy affairs? Rahnuma was talking to banglanews24.com in an exclusive interview against … Continue reading “Rahnuma asks: Who is foreign agent, Anu Muhammad or Tawfiq Elahi?”

Irfanul Islam: My quiet friend

The moon was low over the city lights at 4:30 in the morning in Mexico City. A dull orange thin sliver, it too was in mourning. I was heading to the airport, but had just heard the news. Rahnuma had been keeping me updated. Ever since Irfan’s disappearance, we had feared the worst, but hoped … Continue reading “Irfanul Islam: My quiet friend”


‘Go back NTPC, get out India’ rahnuma ahmed Of all the slogans raised in protest against the coal power plant being built at Rampal in Bagerhat, this one’s the best.

Open Letter to the Prime Minister of India

On behalf of the National Oil, Gas, Mineral Resource, Power and Port Protection Committee, Bangladesh Engineer Sheikh Muhammad Shahidullah Prof. Anu Muhammad, Member Secretary October 18, 2016 The Honourable Prime Minister, We respectfully address you with grave concern and anxiety. The people of Bangladesh today is sternly worried over the future of the Sundarbans, which … Continue reading “Open Letter to the Prime Minister of India”

Protecting Freedom of Expression in Bangladesh

Following is the English translation of the statement made by academics, writers, women?s rights, human rights and cultural activists, including freedom fighters, on December 18, 2014 regarding the conviction and sentencing of British journalist David Bergman by the International Crimes Tribunal-2, in Dhaka. The statement was published in Prothom Alo, the largest Bangla daily, the … Continue reading “Protecting Freedom of Expression in Bangladesh”

1134 – lives not numbers

A group exhibition dedicated to the lost garment workers of Bangladesh. Still haunted by the memories. When I close my eyes I see the procession of corpses, following me behind, taunting my sense of responsibility. 24th April, 2013, Rana Plaza collapses, 1134 lost to senseless greed, lives lost due to collective negligence. A dark day … Continue reading “1134 – lives not numbers”


COME AND JOIN 29TH MARCH PROTEST RALLY! RAISE YOUR VOICES, ITS NOW OR NEVER!! Shongkhubdho Nagorik Shomaj: Protest Rally Against Taqi Murder on Wednesday March 29 at 4pm at Raju Bhashkorjo, Dhaka University. Seventeen year-old Tanwir Muhammad Taqi, a meritorious A-level student, was found dead on March 8, 2013, two days after he had gone … Continue reading “NARAYANGANJ GODFATHER & FAMILY BEHIND TAQI'S GRUESOME KILLING”


Corruption…??Or, pathological greed? by rahnuma ahmed MIND BOGGLING figures. The share market scam, 20,000 crore taka. Destiny’s rip-off, 33,000 crore taka. The Hallmark Group-Sonali Bank’s embezzlement, about 3,600 crore taka. But these are only particular instances of fraud and embezzlement, ones that have featured prominently in public outpourings of anger. Financial corruption is far deeper, … Continue reading “CONCLUDING PART: SHARE MARKET, DESTINY, HALLMARK…”


Corruption…?  Or, pathological greed? By rahnuma ahmed ?Why should we pay our income tax when…?? INCOME TAX returns were due by September 30, 2012. Last week, while I sat in the office of an income tax officer — a rare one, for, unlike most government officials who tend to be rude and officious, she lives … Continue reading “PART I: SHARE MARKET, DESTINY, HALLMARK…”