Withdraw all fabricated cases against Limon immediately!

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From rahnuma ahmed

what the government is doing to this 16-year old kid (and his family) is just OUTRAGEOUS, we must protest, so please come! in solidarity/r


Withdraw all fabricated cases against Limon immediately!

Mohd Limon Hossain of Jhalokathi, a 16-year old boy, who is the son of poor peasants is a victim of harassment and repression by state agencies.

Limon was an HSC examinee who supported his studies by working in a brick kiln, and tutoring students. He wanted to get an education to make his mother’s dreams come true, to lessen his day-labourer father’s economic burden. On 23 March 2011, during an operation RAB forces shot him in the left leg which later had to be amputated. But instead of admitting that it was a case of mistaken identity, fabricated cases of possessing illegal arms, taking part in a gunfight, attempting to murder law-enforcing officers have been filed against Limon. At present, the government is trying to prove that not only Limon, but his whole family are terrorists.

We demand:

  • Withdraw all fabricated cases against Limon
  • Take clear steps to restore him to his college life with dignity
  • Punish the perpetrators, and compensate Limon for his injury and harassment

Until these fabricated cases are withdrawn, a silent protest rally will be held every Friday from June 3, 2011 in front of the National Museum (Shahbagh) from 4:00 – 5:00 pm.

Nagorik Shomaj

teachers, writers, intellectuals, housewives, students, workers, cultural activists and

people from different walks of life

Masud Imran (Mannu), Jahangirnagar University

Naseem Akhter Hussain, Jahangirnagar University

Sayema Khatun, Jahangirnagar University


rahnuma ahmed

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  2. dewboy says:

    লিমনের উপর থেকে সকল মামল প্র্রত্যাহার করা সরকারের এখন একটি মুখ্য কাজ । কিন্তু সরকার এর উপর অনেকটা অনুৎসাহী ।

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