The Borders of the Global Village

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Guerilla Internet: Using the Net to fight its own dominance

The Internet can be a subversive tool. It remains the only medium which gives scope – relatively inexpensively, and without the support of the gatekeepers – for a lone voice to be heard. It is this unique characteristic that we have to nurture. The bigger players have the money, the clout, the physical strength and the social control to bludgeon their way through, but they do not have the flexibility, the ability to pop up and disappear at will, the speed of action or the elasticity to slip through the holes, that the well trained individual has. Given the important proviso of access, the Net is fast, cheap, and difficult to stop. It is the Net that we must use, to fight its own dominance.

Shahidul Alam is Jury-member of THE BOBs Deutsche Welle Blog Awards and speaks on the panel presented in cooperation with Deutsche Welle.

Author and DW journalist Cyrus Farivar offers food for thought in his book, “The Internet of Elsewhere.” He writes, “When the Internet arrives, it bumps up against various preexisting political, economic, social and cultural histories and contexts – and often what comes out are rather surprising results.” That’s the backdrop for a discussion by the expert and BOBs juror Shahidul Alam, who explores complex intersections between the Internet and society by looking at the example of Bangladesh.

Keynote address at 6:00 pm at the re-publica, Berlin, at 6:00 pm. 3rd May 2012. STATION-Berlin
Luckenwalder Straße 4-6. 10963 Berlin

This panel is presented in cooperation with Deutsche Welle.

Interview (in Bangla) by Debarati Guha

Questions for Abu Sufian?


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