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When hope is denied

The Amnesty International?s Dutch magazine, ‘Wordt Vervolgd? invited six world recognised experts to look back at human rights issue?s of 2012. It is a special feature of 6 images which represent 6 human rights issue?s from 2012. Last year AI … Continue reading

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Sectarian Unrest in Burma

Pathshala alumni, K M Asad, Monirul Alam and Andrew Biraj, covering Rohingya exodus to Bangladesh. ANDREW BIRAJ / REUTERS Will Ethnic Violence Kill Burma?s Fragile Reforms? Read more:?http://world.time.com/2012/06/11/sectarian-unrest-in-burma/?xid=rss-photoessays#rohingya-refugees-from-myanmar-sit-on-a-boat-as-they-try-to-get-into-bangladesh-in-teknaf#ixzz1xgxD1VUL Photos by K M Asad Rohingya Muslims gesture as they try to … Continue reading

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