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American Activists and the Birth of Bangladesh

Subscribe to ShahidulNews Podcast Play in New Window | Download Forty years ago this month, the country of Bangladesh declared its independence from Pakistan. Then-President Richard Nixon supported Pakistan during the war because he wanted to prove the US would stand … Continue reading

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We all helped suppress the Egyptians. So how do we change?

Subscribe to ShahidulNews By Johann Hari The Independent Friday, 4 February 2011 Very few British people would beat up a poor person to get cheaper petrol. But our governments do it all the time. Why? The old slogan from the … Continue reading

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Tracing Freedom

Subscribe to ShahidulNews In late 2008 and early 2009 the Norwegian photographer Tom Hatlestad spent four months driving overland between Norway and Bangladesh. Along the way, he asked a hundred people to define freedom. Some of them are featured in … Continue reading

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When the Waters Came

It was nearly twenty years ago when I had written this. After one of my first photojournalistic assignments: What does one photograph to depict a flood? A submerged house, a boat on a highway, people wading in water? As we … Continue reading

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Sitting on a man’s back

Three bombs had gone off the day before, and they weren’t comfortable about me walking on my own in the streets of Kabul. The driver insisted that he gave me a lift. The suggestion that a particular hill not too … Continue reading

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Brahmaputra Diary

Subscribe to ShahidulNews Multimedia version with video and photographs A gentle trickle A surging river A gentle plain A delta Four long years Three thousand kilometres Cormorants, sea gulls Sparrows at dusk A flurry of wings Moody clouds La brume … Continue reading

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Changing their destiny

Subscribe to ShahidulNews www.newint.org/issue287/contents.html Letter from Bangladesh Changing their destiny Shahidul Alam travels with the poor who chase a dream to distant lands. They all have numbers. Jeans tucked into their high-ankled sneakers. They strut through the airport lounge, moving … Continue reading

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