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Didi. The Street Fighter

MAHASWETA DEVI (JANUARY 14, 1926 -?JULY 28, 2016), WRITER AND SOCIAL ACTIVIST Protocol wasn?t Didi?s thing.?Shoitan! (Satan) she would say lovingly. And then grab you and plonk you on her lap. The fact that both Rahnuma and I were far … Continue reading

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Noam Chomsky Weighs In On Syria Strike

By Ryan Grim in Huffington Post WASHINGTON — A U.S.-led attack on Syria without United Nations support would be a war crime regardless of congressional approval, Noam Chomsky, the antiwar activist and author, said in response to President Barack Obama’s … Continue reading

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?The Most Dangerous Moment,? 50 Years Later

by Noam Chomsky and Tom Engelhardt, October 16, 2012 Here was the oddest thing: within weeks of the United States dropping an atomic bomb on a second Japanese city on August 9, 1945, and so obliterating it, Americans were already … Continue reading

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CONCLUDING PART: Does the `blowback? paradigm explain 9/11?

Subscribe to ShahidulNews CONCLUDING PART Does the `blowback? paradigm explain 9/11? Truth-ers disagree By rahnuma ahmed Before launching into my discussion of the `blowback? paradigm, let?s take a quick look at the findings from a new poll of New Yorkers: … Continue reading

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