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Weekly Polls

Here is the third Poll: Saudi Arabian law does not recognise religious freedom, and the public practice of non-Muslim religions is actively prohibited. No law specifically requires citizens to be Muslims, but article 12.4 of the Naturalisation Law requires that … Continue reading

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The Blood Telegram: Nixon, Kissinger and a Forgotten Genocide.

?By Gary Bass. The Economist UNTIL 1971 Pakistan was made up of two parts: west and east. Both Muslim-dominated territories were born out of India?s bloody partition 24 years earlier, though they existed awkwardly 1,600km apart, divided by hostile Indian … Continue reading

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Part I Military-installed caretaker govt, or a ‘consortium’ govt?

By Rahnuma Ahmed As I’d explained in my column published on February 13, 2012,  I’d disappeared from these pages to work on three manuscripts intended for Boi Mela 2012. While they missed the bus — more work needs to be … Continue reading

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We all helped suppress the Egyptians. So how do we change?

Subscribe to ShahidulNews By Johann Hari The Independent Friday, 4 February 2011 Very few British people would beat up a poor person to get cheaper petrol. But our governments do it all the time. Why? The old slogan from the … Continue reading

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