Syria: Stop another senseless war

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They did it once and look where they got us. Do not let the hawks lead us into another meaningless slaughter. Their profit must not come at the cost of our peace.

Regarding the facts:

Talking Points from Phyllis Bennis, Director, New Internationalism Project Institute for Policy Studlies

Tom Hayden – A Call for Forceful Diplomacy

McClatchy News Service, “To some, US case for Syrian gas attack, strike has too many holes,”

Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting, “Which Syrian Chemical Attack Account Is More Credible?”

International Law:

Oona A. Hathaway and Scott J. Shapiro “On Syria, a U.N. Vote Isn’t Optional,”  New York Times Op Ed,

“The Rush to Bomb Syria: Undermining International Law and Risking Wider War,” Western States Legal Foundation Briefing Paper,


Faith Group Statements Opposing Military Action in Syria—Not Exhaustive:

Letter from Trappist Nuns in Syria: “Blood Fills our Streets, our eyes, our hearts”  (

Pope Francis: violence begets violence

Pax Christi International:

Pax Christi USA: (links to US Bishops and Pope’s statements on web site)

US Conference of Catholic Bishops:

Sisters of Mercy of the Americas:

NETWORK: National Catholic Social Justice Lobby:

Maryknoll Office for Global Concerns and action items from CMSM, incl.  Syrian bishop speaking out against U.S. Military Action:

NCR Article:  What moral theologians say about getting involved in Syria


Pax Christi USA: (links to US Bishops and Pope’s statements on web site)

Mennonite Church USA: and

United Church of Christ and Disciples of Christ: and

Presbyterians (PCUSA):

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A photographer, writer, curator and activist, Shahidul Alam obtained a PhD in chemistry at London University before switching to photography. He returned to his hometown Dhaka in 1984, where he photographed the democratic struggle to remove General Ershad. A former president of the Bangladesh Photographic Society, Alam set up the award winning Drik agency, the Bangladesh Photographic Institute and Pathshala, the South Asian Media Institute, considered one of the finest schools of photography in the world. Director of the Chobi Mela festival and chairman of Majority World agency, Alam’s work has been exhibited in galleries such as MOMA in New York, the Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris, the Royal Albert Hall and Tate Modern in London and The Museum of Contemporary Arts in Tehran. He has been a guest curator of the Whitechapel Gallery, the Musee de Quai Branly and the Brussels Biennale. Alam’s numerous photographic awards include the Mother Jones and the Howard Chapnick Awards and the Open Society Institute Audience Engagement Grant. A speaker at US universities, Harvard, Stanford and UCLA, Oxford and Cambridge universities in the UK and the Powerhouse Museum in Brisbane, Alam has been a jury member in prestigious international contests, including World Press Photo which he chaired and Prix Pictet. An Honorary Fellow of the Royal Photographic Society, Alam is a visiting professor of Sunderland University in the UK. He is on the advisory board of the National Geographic Society and the Eugene Smith Fund. His recent book “My Journey as a witness” was listed in the “Best Photo Books of 2011” by American Photo. Former picture editor of Life Magazine John Morris considers the book “The most important book ever written by a photographer”
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