Signatories to the statement protesting the arrest of Moshrefa Mishu, garment workers leader

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1 Dr. Akmal Hossain, Dhaka University
2 Dr. M M Akash, Dhaka University
3 Robaet Ferdous, Dhaka University
4 Zobaida Nasrin Kona, Dhaka University
5 Dr. Shantonu Mazumdar, Dhaka University
6 Mesbah Kamal, Dhaka University
7 Dr Rahman Chowdhury, Dhaka University
8 Fahmidul Haq, Dhaka University
9 Dr. Kaberi Gayen, Dhaka University
10 Khorshed Alam, Dhaka University
11 Dr Gitiara Nasreen, Dhaka University
12 Mohammad Tanzimuddin Khan, Dhaka University
13 Dr Perween Hasan, Dhaka University
14 Lala Rukh Selim, Art Institute, Dhaka University
15 Anu Muhammad, Jahangirnagar University
16 Dr. Nasim Akhtar Hossain, Jahangirnagar University
17 Sayeed Ferdous, Jahangirnagar University
18 Dr. Manosh Chowdhury, Jahangirnagar University
19 Mirza Taslima Sultana, Jahangirnagar University
20 Sayema Khatun, Jahangirnagar University
21 Mahmudul H. Sumon, Jahangirnagar University
22 Nasrin Khondokar, Jahangirnagar University
23 Swadhin Sen, Jahangirnagar University
24 Sadaf Noor-e-Islam, Chittagong University
25 Khadija Mitu, Chittagong University
26 Abdullah Al Mamun, Rajshahi University
27 Amena Khatun, Rajshahi University
28 Kazi Shusmin Afsana, Rajshahi University
29 Dr Firdous Azim, BRAC University
30 Dr. Khaliquzzaman Elias, North South University
31 Dr. Piash Karim, BRAC University
32 Hasan Al Zayed, East West University
33 Ahmed Javed Chowdhury Ronie, North South University
34 Dr. Samia Huq, Anthropologist
35 Fatama Sultana Suvra, Mirpur University College
36 Priscilla Raj, journalist
37 Shameema binte Rahman, broadcast journalist
38 Faruk Wasif, journalist, writer
39 Irin Niazi Manna, journalist
40 Dr. Zafrullah Chowdhury, Gonoshasthya Kendra
41 Hameeda Hossain
42 Khushi Kabir, development activist
43 Farah Kabir, development activist
44. Zakir Kibria, Solidarity Workshop
45 Shahid I Mallick, development activist
46 Sharif Khan, human rights activist
47 Aminul Islam Sujon, activist, POBA
48 Barrister Sara Hossain, advocate, Bangladesh Supreme Court
49 Khaleda Khatoon, human rights lawyer/activist
50 Dr. Faustina Pereira, Advocate, Bangladesh Supreme Court
51 Farhad Mazhar, writer, activist UBINIG
52 Farida Akhter, writer, activist UBINIG
53 Audity Falguni, writer
54 Nur Mohammad, writer
55 Salimullah Khan, writer
56 Khademul Islam, writer, critic
57 Rahnuma Ahmed, writer, columnist
58 Naripokkho, Bangladesh (Organisation)
59 Dilara Begum Jolly, artist
60 Shibu Kumar Shil, artist
61 Mita Rahman, actress
62 Mohiudin Ahmad, publisher
63 Hana Shams Ahmed, member, Drishtipat Writers’ Collective
64 Jenneke Arens, Netherlands
65 Dr Shahidul Alam, photographer/Drik
66 Qamruzzaman, photographer
67 Taslima Akhter, political activist and photographer
68 Suraiya Begum, researcher
69 Nasrin Siraj Annie, researcher, film maker
70 Seema Nusrat Amin, researcher
71 Sazia Rahman, researcher
72 Bangladesh Group Netherlands (Organisation)
73 Omar Tarek Chowdhury, writer, translator
74 Saydia Gulrukh, doctoral student, USA
75 Sarah Shehabuddin, doctoral student, USA
76 Mahbub Kabir, doctoral student, Dublin
77 Dilshad Siddiquea, service
78 Muhammad Rizuoanul Islam, service
79 Farjana Moni, law student
80 Syful Akbar Khan, copywriter, ad agency
81 Shameem Akhter, film-maker
82 Susmita Chakraborty, Rajshahi University
83 Selim Reza Newton, Rajshahi University
84 Laura Wagner, Graduate Student, Department of Anthropology, UNC Chapel Hill, USA
85 Maria Sorlie Berntsen, Bergen University Norway
86  Naeem Mohaiemen, member, Drishtipat Writers’ Collective
87 Mehedi Hasan, writer

GARMENTS WORKERS UNITY FORUM has forwarded us the names of the following signatories, people who belong to service sector, business, are housewives, students and/or cultural activists.

Sharmine, Kofil, Nusrat Khan, Parul, Dhropudee, Lubna, Mamun, Faiza, Mahinoor, Ivy, Lamisa, Parisa, Adnan, Nasreen, Jamal, Ena, Nanny, Nazu, Belal, Lucky, Luna, Lipi, Lisa, Rozi, Runa, Aiyub, Imran, Momtaz, Morshed, Ano, Moslema, Amena, Aorony, Hosneara, Humayun, Sharif, Hasanat, Rashidul, Sunny, Snigdha, Russel, Alamgir, Rasheda, Laily, Salina, Shamima, Romana, Mugdha, Wridha, Ziaul, Momtaz, Aysha, Shanta, Pantho, Ano, Aishee, Mahfuza, Jahangir, Sinthi, Praptee, Nasima, Obydul, Shahana, Diptta, Sarah, Samsul, Moumita, Atoon, Didu, Rana, Farza, Afrin, Habib, Zahid, Anowar, Sadek, Delowar, Nazmul, Motin, Swatantra, Kolsum, Ruma, Shanti, Kamal, Hemayet, Moslema, Kofil uddin, A. Khan, Fazlu, Farhana, Bashir, A hoque, Faruq, Ritu, Delowar hossen, Nirob, Nirjon, Forhad, M. Ruhul, Tanvir, Shorful, Faizul, Reza, Jebunnahar, Rumana, Shafiq, Asad, Sekander, Monir, Kader, Firoz, Tariq, Azmol, Rezaul, Saidur, Razia, Shahida, Firoza, Babul, Khokon, Hannan, Hamida, Zahir, Salauddin, Ripon, Iqbal, Babu, Zahida, Hashee, Sabuj, Biswash, Swapon.

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23 Responses to Signatories to the statement protesting the arrest of Moshrefa Mishu, garment workers leader

  1. qalandar Memon says:

    free him!

  2. J. Van Rixtel, the Netherlands says:

    It’s a primary task of any government to protect human rights, not to violate them.
    M. Mishu deserves her feedom.

  3. Dr Akhter Sobhan khan Masroor says:

    I demand immediate release of Moshrefa Mishu. I also condemn oppression to garment workers, demanding full fire safety in the industry,trade union rights and immediate implemetation of pay commision.

    Dr Akhter Sobhan Khan Masroor
    London, UK

  4. Corinna Lotz says:

    A World to Win is totally opposed to the unlawful arrest of Moshrefa Mishu. We demand that she be immediately released, and that the fabricated charges against her be dropped.

  5. If Moshrefa Mishu inspired garments workers to vocal for their rights. That’s the voice of millions of workers in and around the world. I believe people who claim them self human, can not be depart with her fight and struggle for justice.

  6. Shah Afroditi Panna says:

    In solidarity

  7. Mujibul Anam, Jahangirnagar University says:


  8. Santi Rozario says:

    I demand immediate release of Moshrefa Mishu whose arrest is totally against the international codes of human rights.

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  10. Rumana Hashem says:

    Mishu’s arrest, and most shamefully, unlawful remand helps us see the fascist face of the ruling regime once again. Shame on this fascist rulers. Shame on the perpetrators. Silencing people must stop!

    Please add my name to your list and let us know what else can we do from abroad.

  11. Kabita Chakma says:

    I demand immediate release of Moshrefa Mishu and condemn the unlawful arrest.

    Rights of the workers in Bangladesh must be upheld.

    Kabita Chakma
    CHT Jumma Peoples Network of the Asia Pacific

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  13. Sarah Alibabaie says:

    Moshrefa Mishu must be released. Speech and assembly are rights of all citizens, and safe working conditions and living wages are rights of all workers.
    In solidarity,
    Sarah Alibabaie, teacher and writer

  14. manny thain says:

    Solidarity greetings from the Socialist Party east London branch. We will do all we can to publicise this outrageous victimisation against Mishu and all other detained garment workers who are fighting for basic human rights: a living wage, decent working conditions and trade union rights. Your fight is our fight and we stand together.

  15. Sara Hkhasawinah says:

    In Solidarity for Liberty and Justice For All!

  16. Grace Stubel says:

    Moshrefa Mishu’s arrest is an injustice to us all, as is any violation of human rights, like these intolerable working conditions and wages. They must be changed, and Moshrefa Mishu must be released.

  17. R. Kempers, the Netherlands says:

    I heartfully support the statement against the unlawful arrest of garment workers leader Moshrefa Mishu, and all garment workers, who have either been arrested or are being intimidated and persecuted, for protesting against non-implementation of promised wage increases.
    I happen to know Mishhu myself and met her a few times. She should be released immediately, in my view this is not the way a government should react on abuses in the garment sector, especially on human rights, working conditions and labour agreements.
    It should be realized by the government too that these kind of actions is negatively impacting internationally on the garment industries in the long end as also consumers will be informed about these unjust situations. Therefore the government is obliged to keep the industry owners to the laws and agreements which have been reached before.

  18. Sacha Ismail says:

    Solidarity from Workers’ Liberty, a socialist workers’ organisation in the UK.

  19. Solidarity from the US ans Canada from the
    Workers Solidarity Alliance (WSA)!

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