Reclaiming Life in Times of Death

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by rahnuma ahmed

Author Rahnuma Ahmed. 2012. © Shahidul Alam/Majority World

In her public lecture “Reclaiming Life in Times of Death” Rahnuma Ahmed speaks about the urgent necessity to “think for ourselves” (Begum Rokeya), to reflect on Martin Luther King’s characterisation of life as being “something worth dying for” — in an age when the most powerful nation on earth pursues its so-called “war on terror” which has led to over a million deaths, and untold miseries and suffering. It is a war which has no limits, and after more than a decade, we should be able to question whether the “war” is for reasons publicly proclaimed by the US and its military allies. Unless we are able to think for ourselves, we are not — as King says, and Begum Rokeya, most likely would wholeheartedly support — “fit to be living.”

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Date   : Thursday, 12 July 2012
Time   : 10:50 am to 12:20 pm
Venue : ULAB Auditorium, House 56, Road 4/A (Satmasjid Road), Dhaka


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  4. I made it a one-click download in place of the previous two-click one, to make it easier. It seems to download OK from several computers we’ve tested. Please send me your email to shahidul at drik dot net and I shall send it to you directly. Best, Shahdiul

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