Pathshala Admission

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Opportunity to study at one of the finest schools of photography in the world

‘I do not know of a single institute of higher education anywhere in the world which provides the quality of education being provided here in Bangladesh today.’

Rob Mountfort, Picture Editor of AsiaWeek, 1999

Pathshala’s Visiting Faculty Includes:

Anwar Hossain, Amy Pereira-Fears, Amy Yenkin, Attar-Hamedani Abbas, Barbara Stauss, Chris Boot, Chris Brazier, David Burnett, David Campbell, Eva Leitolf, Frank Fournier, Greg Marinovich, Ian Berry, Jack Picone, Jenny Matthews, John Kippin, Jorge Villacorta, Julian Germain, Kalidas Karmaker, Kunda Dixit, Liz Wells, Mahfuz Anam, Marcelo Brodsky, Margo Smit, Mark Sealy, Mark Haworth-Booth, Masaki Herano, Morten Krogvold, Mustafa Monowar, Neil Burgess, Neils Mulvad, Nicola Robbers, Pablo Bartholomew, Pedro Meyer, Pep Bonet, Philip Blenkinsop, Raghu Rai, Reza Deghati, Rob Mounfort, Robert Pledge, Stanley Greene, Stephen Shames, Tim Hetherington, Tina Ahrens, Trent Parke

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Mr. Md. Main Uddin
Faculty Moderator
Pathshala South Asian Media Institute
16, Sukrabad, Panthapath, Dhaka1207
Tel: 88029136894

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