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You can now purchase the latest FairMail cards taken by underprivileged Indian and Peruvian teenagers at Majority World. FairMail offers them photography training, part-time work, medical insurance and guidance in making their future plans. 

The teenagers get 50 % of the profits of the sale of their own cards to finance their housing and education. To take a look at these beautiful cards visit Fairmail.

To find out more and register, please go to

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Landscapes of India

Travel, Nature and Social Issues

Majority World has a series of themed galleries giving insights into local cultures, development issues, the environment and contemporary lifestyle in the Majority World. Take a look at the recent images to be found on our website from landscapes of India by Soumitra Datta. Take a look at some fabulous images ranging from travel, nature and social issues photographed by award winning travel photographer Jeremy Jowell.

Visit our Themes page for other image galleries.



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