Morten Krogvold Workshop

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Chobi Mela VI 2011

Photo: Farzana Hossen

First of all, I would like to thank all 26 of the students in this workshop for being willing to undertake hard labor and endure pressure to push limits, break boundaries and grow. If have been critical in the beginning, it was because of my own passionate belief that they could succeed at a level they might not themselves imagine. I feel a responsibility to give them this opportunity to concentrate on what is most important, and to discover the joy in that hard, demanding work.

I am very happy that they now understand that photography is about self-discovery. I am pleased, and they should be pleased, about this wonderful work. This is their moment, and they should enjoy every bit of it.

A special thanks to Shehab, who has been very important in helping this to succeed.

Morten Krogvold
January 2011

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2 Responses to Morten Krogvold Workshop

  1. Shehzad Noorani says:

    excellent work! both the teacher and students. wow!

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