Morten Krogvold at Chobi Mela VII

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chobimelablog logoPhoto by Morten Krogvold

Photo by Morten Krogvold

Morten Krogvold

Morten Krogvold

Morten Krogvold – Artist’s Talk     
Wednesday, 30 January, 7PM, Goethe-Institut
Morten Krogvold – Workshop ‘Aesthetics in Photography‘ 
26 January – 1 February, Pathshala      

Students’ work – Morten Krogvold Workshop/Opening ceremony     .
Sunday, 3 February, 4PM, Asiatic Gallery of Fine Arts

Morten Krogvold is a Norwegian photographer and writer, especially known for his portraits of artists, politicians and other celebrities. He has published numerous books and held many exhibitions. Krogvold was appointed Knight of the Order of St. Olav in 2005, received the Hasselblad Masters Award in 2002 and has been the creative director for Nordic Light International Festival of Photography in Norway from 2006-2012.
Visit Morten Krogvold’s website

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