Majority World photo essay in China

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Dave, my former student at Shantao University worked as a photojournalist for a Chinese newspaper for about 2 years. He has recently joined as photo editor for Nan Feng Chuang (Southwind Window) magazine, a nation-wide bi-weekly News magazine mainly focusing on political and financial issues about China and the world.

About this Buzkashi story Dave says: We love it. It works great especially with the text written by our writer. I hope we can have more stories like this, visually strong beautiful images, about different lifestyles of people around the world.

MW china 1 MW china 2

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One Response to Majority World photo essay in China

  1. Ted says:

    Hi Shahidul –

    I’ve emailed Jeevani many times over a 3 month period for any follow-up on the publication of this Buzkashi story, regarding payment, rights, etc. I have received no response from Jeevani or anyone at Majority World. This is particularly disappointing as this is the first story I submitted as a new member of MW. Please advise on how best to move forward –

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