Jody Haines from Brisbane Powerhouse at Chobi Mela

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chobimelablog logo'Bandicoot with quince', 2005, by Marian Drew

‘Bandicoot with quince’, 2005, by Marian Drew

jody haines

Jody Haines


Jody Haines – Slide-show: Australian Photography
Tuesday, 29 January, 6PM, Goethe-Institut

Jody Haines – Workshop: Curating 101
2- 5 February, Pathshala

Jody Haines is the Curator and Exhibitions Co-ordinator for Brisbane Powerhouse, one of Australia’s leading Multi Arts institutions. Together with Brisbane Powerhouse she  has developed a solid programme of documentary based photography delivering over 90 photographic exhibitions ranging from international to local artists. Haines is the curator for the slide-show on Australian photography and will also hold a workshop on curating at Pathshala.

Visit Jody Haines’ website:

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