Hester Keijser at Chobi Mela VII

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chobimelablog logoPhoto by Wasma Mansour

Photo by Wasma Mansour


Hester Keijser

Hester Keijser – Slide-show: Middle Eastern Photography
Wednesday, 30 January, 6PM, Goethe-Institut

Hester Keijser is an independent curator with a focus on contemporary photography, especially from the greater Middle East. She is currently engaged as creative co-director of East Wing, a new space for photography established in Doha and Dubai. Since 2006, she has authored the photo blog Mrs. Deane, cited by Wired and the British Journal of Photography as one of the top ten must-reads.

Visit Hester Keijser’s blog: http://www.beikey.net/mrs-deane

Visit East Wing’s website: http://east-wing.org

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