Haru, Galaxi M82 and a Hyper Drive

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By Sarker Protick


It was midnight. I find myself walking in the street alone. Suddenly someone called me by my name. I look back. There was this guy. He was not moving or coming any closer. Just standing there. As if he was there for eternity. It was dark; couldn’t see his face clearly. I shouted who is this??? He replied, Protick, don’t you recognize me? I said no. who are you? He replied: This is Haru.

I was surprised. So you are Haru! I know you…I read your stories. Saw you on the moon few weeks back. What are you doing here in the middle of the night? He said, I was passing by, just came by to say hello to you. I asked, where will you go now? Haru replied, I am off to the M82 Galaxy, also known as the Cigar Galaxi. Just to see how it is. I said, Ok.. See you again!

Here is a photo of Haru taking a Hyper drive.

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