General News III

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Kathmandu International Art Fair

Siddhartha Arts Foundation invites you to the gala opening of

The Second Kathmandu International Art Festival

Earth | Body | Mind

Right Honorable Prime Minister of Nepal Dr. Baburam Bhattarai has graciously consented to inaugurate the festival. Sunday, 25th November 2012Regal Ballroom, Yak & Yeti Hotel, Durbar Marg 11 AM sharp

Wednesday the 28th November. Patan Museum
“How to appreciate a fine art print”
Lecture by Shahidul Alam

Brahmaputra Diary: Exhibition by Shahidul Alam at Patan Museum. Please retweet #drik #shahidul #brahmaputra #exhibition

Brahmaputra Diary exhibition at Bangabandhu Convention Centre, Dhaka, during World Marketing Summit. Photo DrikNews


Contested Memories: the Shahid Minar and the struggle for diasporic space

Claire Alexander
Professor Claire Alexander (Dept. of Sociology, University of Manchester)

Date: 28 November 2012 Time: 5:00 PM

Finishes: 28 November 2012 Time: 7:00 PM

Venue: Russell Square: College Buildings Room: Khalili Lecture Theatre

Type of Event: Annual Lecture

Series: The Centre for Migration and Diaspora Studies Annual Lecture

Shaheed Minar
Shaheed Minar (Photo credit: Arup ≈ অরূপ)


Drawing on new empirical research conducted in East London as part of a project on ‘the Bengal diaspora’, this lecture explores the struggle over Bangladeshi identity in Tower Hamlets as exemplified in the monument of the Shahid Minar and the related celebration of Ekushe (Martyr’s Memorial Day), which is usually held to mark the beginning of the Bangladesh national liberation struggle. Bringing together theories of diaspora consciousness and memorialisation, the paper explores the ways in which rituals and memory work both as a form of continuity with the homeland and as a method of claims-staking for minority groups in multicultural spaces.

Biographical Information

Claire Alexander is Professor of Sociology at the University of Manchester. Her research interests are in the area of race, ethnicity, masculinity and youth identities. Her main publications include The Art of Being Black (OUP 1996) and The Asian Gang (Berg 2000). She is currently working on a monograph on ‘The Bengal Diaspora’ (Routledge, forthcoming 2013).  Claire is also a Trustee of The Runnymede Trust, Britain’s foremost race equality thinktank.

Organiser: Centre for Migration and Diaspora Studies

Contact email:

Contact Tel: +44207 898 4434

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  2. David Madness says:

    When i was studying in college and i had to study arts i couldn’t understand for what?! Moreover i had to write art history essays and i didn’t want to! I’ve found some ways to solve this problem, but i haven’t realized for what it was. I thought that art is smth that subjective through all centuries and has no rules. Nowadays i think in such way too but i really appreciate Indian art!

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