Gaël Turine at Chobi Mela

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chobimelablog logoPhoto by Gaël Turine

Photo by Gaël Turine

Gaël Turine
Gaël Turine

Gaël Turine – Workshop Design Your Project
7 – 10 February,

Gaël Turine’s VOODOO – The Journey of an African Pantheon will be on view 25 January – 7 February at Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy

Belgian photographer Gaël Turine started to work on voodoo rituals in 2005, wrapping up the project in August 2010 after receiving the Golden Clover award to continue the project in 2006. The series was published as the book Voodoo in January 2011. About the series Turine says, “I wanted to be “on their side” so to say, not like a press photographer looking for the most impressive pictures to get a double spread, which is the usual kinds of images we can see on Voodoo. I wanted to show the largest range of faces of Voodoo.”

Turine is the author of several monographic works, including Blindly, a story on the cooperatives for the blind in West Africa. In 2004, after his many journeys in Afghanistan, the book Being 20 in Kabul was published. His long-running work with the child cancer specialist Eric Sariban led to the publication of the book Today is tomorrow in 2009.

Visit Gaël Turine’s website:

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