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Tareque Masud and Mishuk Munier amongst five killed in road accident.

Drik mourns the death of two dear friends, the injuries of three others and the numerous deaths of their colleagues and the thousands of uncounted others who regularly die as a result of negligence, corruption and the wanton irresponsibility of those who are in charge of keeping our roads safe.

Tareque and Catherine Masud with their baby boy Nishad. Photo Collected From Family Album

Tareque Masud, one of the finest film makers this nation has produced. Mishuk Munier, a talented cameraperson and a media professional who had both the dreams and the ability to change the way reporting was done, died a brutal death as they were returning to Dhaka having chosen the location for their next film.

The wreckage of the microbus that was carrying Tareque Masud and Mishuk Munier lies beside the road after the crash Saturday. Photo: Daily Star

Catherine, Tareque’s equally talented wife, the producer of the Oscar nominated film Matir Moina, artist Dhali Al Mamoon, who had given the inaugural Golam Kasem Daddy lecture on Drik’s 20th anniversary, and his painter wife Dilara Begum Jolly are in hospital recovering from multiple injuries. Dhali’s condition is critical.

(From left) Raghu Rai, Shahidul Alam and Dhali Al Mamoon at the inaugural programme. Photo: Daily Star

- Internationally acclaimed filmmaker Tareque Masud, cinematographer, broadcast journalism guru of Bangladesh CEO &€“ Chief Editor of ATN News Television station Mishuk Munier, and three others were killed as their microbus collided with a Chuadanga-bound passenger bus on Dhaka-€“Aricha highway at Ghior sub district in Manikganj district on August 13,2011 Eminent film producer and Tareque's wife Catherine Masud, painter couple Dhali Al Mamoon and Dilara Begum Jolly also were injured while the team were on a recce visit for '€œKagojer Phool'€, a feature film to be made. The bodies were taken to Dhaka Medical Collage Hospital for post-mortem and the injured to Square Hospital for treatment.

Photo: Saikat Mojumder/DrikNews

Photo: Saikat Mojumder/DrikNews

Photo: Saikat Mojumder/DrikNews

Photo: Saikat Mojumder/DrikNews

Obituary on Guardian UK

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9 Responses to Drik mourns

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  6. Jonathan Shaw says:

    Dear Shahidul

    I am so saddened to learn of Bangladesh’s needless loss. My thoughts are with their loved ones.

  7. Shehzad Noorani says:

    I had know both Munier and Masud personally. I am so sorry for our loss, loss of their families and friends. What a tragedy. This one is felt deep in our hearts. May their souls rest in eternal peace.

  8. Sanjay Acharya says:

    Devastated to learn of this terrible tragedy. Heartfelt condolences to Catherine and to the bereaved families and the injured. It’s a terrible blow and such a colossal waste. I had the privilege to have met Tareque and Catherine.

  9. Czikus Carriere says:

    My heartfelt condolences to Catherine and her little boy regards this tragic and untimely loss of husband and father. I hope Catherine will fully and speedily recover from her injuries.
    What a great loss for the country of these two important media people who documented so well its past and present.

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