Chobi Mela featured in Italian Vogue

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Bangladesh dreams

Vogue Italy

A new wave of talented and creative photographers is emerging in the country

Photo Andrew Biraj

Except for its poverty and natural disasters,Bangladesh rarely makes the news. But fans of art, especially photography, would do well to keep an eye on this corner of the Indian subcontinent, where a lot is going on.

Shahidul Alam, founder of the South Asian media academy Pathshala in Dhaka and many-time jury member for World Press Photo, describes it as a “revolution in photography: an explosion of ideas and talent centred upon the capital”; the defining features of this new movement seem to be diligence and a refusal of “Eurocentricity”.

Stefania Ragusa, Vogue Italia, December 2010 (n. 724), p. 46

PHOTO BANG V12 (PDF of full article – in Italian)

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  1. rajen nair says:

    Great shot and risky one too

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