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Salima Hashmi on Faiz Ahmed Faiz

In this lovely interview, Salima Hashmi, who has played such a vital role in promoting Pakistani art, talks about her father Faiz Ahmad Faiz. About writing poetry under military rule, about his meeting with Pablo Neruda and his feelings about … Continue reading

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Memory, Justice, Healing

Memory, Justice, Healing evening at Making Democracy Real 2014 with Salman Rashid, Rajmohan Gandhi, Archana Rao and Rahul Bose A week earlier, he had received a letter from his youngest sister Tahira. Having completed her higher secondary school exams, she … Continue reading

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Who needs facts? We appear to be in the Post-Information Age now

Evidence? Ha. That’s for humanists, scientists and who knows what other dangerous–ists. It’s all about how we feel now Bob Garfield Guardian A vehicle and the surrounding area are engulfed in flames after it was set on fire inside the US … Continue reading

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Hollywood Without the Happy Ending

How the CIA Bungled the War on Terror  By Pratap Chatterjee Call it the Jason Bourne strategy. Think of it as the CIA’s plunge into Hollywood — or into the absurd.  As recent revelations have made clear, that Agency’s moves couldn’t … Continue reading

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Taslima Akhter’s photo in Time top 10 of 2013

TIME Picks the Top 10 Photos of 2013 Taslima Akhter Taslima Akhter. Savar Dhaka, Bangladesh. April 24, 2013. April 24, 2013, still remains fresh in my memory. At 9 AM when I got the news, I rushed to Rana Plaza. … Continue reading

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Collateral Damage

Raghu Rai/Magnum Photos In 1971, the Pakistani Army had free rein to kill at least 300,000 Bengalis and force 10 million people to flee. By DEXTER FILKINS In the 40-odd years that America and the Soviet Union faced off in the … Continue reading

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Activists Identify DC Cop Who Infiltrated Bangladesh Sweatshop Protests

by Mike Elk Common Dreams Left: Still photo from a video of the May 15 protest at Children’s Place. Right: Photo from @snufftastic Twitter account.Rumors have flown for many years that DC police routinely infiltrate and spy on the frequent … Continue reading

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