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Raise Shit

downtown eastside poem of resistance by Bud Osborn “…the myth of the frontier is an invention that rationalizes the violence of gentrification and displacement” neil smith 1996 “these pioneers in the gradual gentrification of the downtown eastside say their hopes … Continue reading

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More citizens protest against police raid on New Age office

Since the following news item was published in New Age, other prominent citizens have added themselves to the list: Nasrin Khandoker, Dr Zafrullah Chowdhury, Farida Akhter, Dr Amena Mohsin, Ashraf Kaiser, Shahnaz Huda, Lubna Marium, Nitra Samina, Seuty Sabur January 6, 2015 Staff Correspondent Forty-four eminent citizens on Monday … Continue reading

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STRANGER THAN FICTION: America’s ramped up nuclear capability: Prelude to another Cold War?

by TAJ HASHMI* While people across the world for the last three years have been watching the unbelievable resurgence in state- and non-state-actor-sponsored violence and terror across the Arab World – Libya, Egypt, Syria, Gaza, and of late, Iraq – … Continue reading

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Behind the Gaza ceasefire Israel and Hamas talk potential peace

By James m. Dorsey Nanyang Technological University, Singapore Synopsis Israel and Hamas have significantly moderated their attitudes towards one another despite official denials. Indirect talks in Cairo designed to achieve a lasting ceasefire between the two war weary parties effectively constitute negotiations about … Continue reading

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Mandela’s First Memo to Thomas Friedman

Arjan El Fassed The Electronic Intifada 29 March 2001 Editor’s note, 28 June 2013: This article was written by Arjan El Fassed in 2001 in the satirical style then being employed by Thomas Friedman, of writing mock letters from one … Continue reading

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West Bank: 11-Year-Old Boy Bled to Death by Israeli Army, Attempts to Rescue Prevented by Live Fire

By Kelly Lynn Global Research, August 15, 2014 Electronic Intifada Region: Middle East & North Africa Theme: Crimes against Humanity  In-depth Report: PALESTINE Thousands gathered shortly before afternoon prayers on Sunday in Fawwar refugee camp south of the occupied West Bank city of Hebron to mourn the death of … Continue reading

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Do Muslim Women Really Need Saving?

Abu-Lughod, Lila. Do Muslim Women Really Need Saving? Anthropological Reflections on Cultural Relativism and Its Others. American Anthropologist September, 2002 Vol.104(3): 783-790. The main concern of the article is to determine if Muslim women do actually need saving. The focus is … Continue reading

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Mishu in police custody

Moshrefa Mishu, president, Garments Sromik Oikko Forum, who was leading the fast-unto-death hunger strike of Tuba Group workers demanding 3 months arrear wages, festival allowance & overtime since July 28 was picked up by police today post-midday. She is being … Continue reading

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