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The Best Years of My Life

After its highly successful tour of the German Foreign Office during the Global Forum on Migration and Development in Berlin and the Global Media Forum in Bonn, the exhibition will now move on to the Commonwealth People’s Forum at the … Continue reading

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As Drik as Possible

Introduction to the Drik 2016 calendar. A behind the scenes glimpse at a remarkable media phenomenon: The dot matrix Olivetti printer was noisy. The XT computer came without a hard drive: two floppy disks uploaded the operating system. When the … Continue reading

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Between absence and presence

Between absence and presence First published in New Age on 13th August?2015 Artist Dhali Al Mamoon talks to Rahnuma Ahmed about his public art Shorok Durghotona Sritisthapona (Road Accident Memorial), located in Dhaka University campus, in memory of film-maker Tareque … Continue reading

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The Ruin of Indonesian Society

Indonesia: 50 Years After the Coup and the CIA Sponsored Terrorist Massacre. The Ruin of Indonesian Society By Andre Vltchek Global Research, October 13, 2015 Region: Asia Theme: Crimes against Humanity, Culture, Society & History,Politics and Religion Last year, … Continue reading

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Modi visits Bangladesh, but Teesta is not even in the agenda

by Taj Hashmi Last time I met my old friend Gowher Rizvi at his office in December 2011, he was very upbeat and optimistic about the ?impending? Teesta water sharing agreement with India. He seemed to have reposed absolute trust … Continue reading

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Majority World exhibition in Rome: Justice in Focus

IDLO Photo Exhibition in Rome Farnesina Porte Aperte 2015 22 – 29 May 2015 IDLO’s photo exhibition “In Focus: Justice and the Post-2015 Agenda” will form part of this year’s initiative by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International … Continue reading

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Raise Shit

downtown eastside poem of resistance by Bud Osborn ??the myth of the frontier is an invention that rationalizes the violence of gentrification and displacement? neil smith 1996 ?these pioneers in the gradual gentrification of the downtown eastside say their hopes … Continue reading

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Mishu in police custody

Moshrefa Mishu, president, Garments Sromik Oikko Forum, who was leading the fast-unto-death hunger strike of Tuba Group workers demanding 3 months arrear wages, festival allowance & overtime since July 28 was picked up by police today post-midday. She is being … Continue reading

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