Al Jazeera: Turmoil over Bangladesh tribunal

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On country’s Independence Day, Al Jazeera looks at issues surrounding war crimes trials that have divided the nation.  and 

Bangladesh's war crimes tribunals

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2 Responses to Al Jazeera: Turmoil over Bangladesh tribunal

  1. Farah says:

    Bhaiya, Salaam. With due respect I would like to mention that we do not expect you to share news from Aljazera who sneakily always is trying to minimize the massacre took place in Bangladesh. For instance, just take a good look at the way they have tried to pick up the data of 1971 genocide.
    So far they had tried their best to portray the event of war crime trail as a flawed one, as if the accused ones were not guilty or just being victimized. Can you share any of their news where they have put up information on the families who had lost their loved ones in 1971? Should not they deserve something in the name of justice??? Alas, every time if Aljazhera is talking about the people’s protest at Shahbag they had mentioned that as “ghost of 1971”. I am sure you have observed their attempts as well.

    However, it is up to you what you will read and what you will post, yet being a big fan of yours, I feel your followers need to see your care in your writings and shared posts that will highlight general Bangladeshi’s words of mind. I am not telling you to care about what I have said. I am just any Mr. A/B/C…Why bother then? The listed accused have money and many people beside them to save their souls, but the unfortunate, poor, simple, innocent people of the country have no one beside them. They only are looking at people like you. And I am sure you know why.

  2. Dear Farah,

    Thank you for your mail. It is very rare to find a news report that one fully agrees with, and I do agree with you that there are issues about Al Jazeera reporting that are of concern. Their reporting on Bahrain being a particularly conspicuous example. However, as Bangladeshis it is important for us to know how mainstream media is reporting on our country.

    I have in the past posted news items by New York Times, Newsweek, BBC, the Guardian, the Economist etc., which I’ve found important to share. Very rarely have I fully agreed with their analysis. I wish youtube was there, as one of the best news sources today is Russian TV, which we do not see here, but clips are occasionally available on youtube.

    We need to sift through these reports and address valid issues when they are raised. Readers such as you, are intelligent enough to make your own decisions.

    Best wishes,


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