Moving opening ceremony of "Kalpana's Warriors"

Remarkable: Noam Chomsky Absolutely stunning: Jess Worth. New Internationalist Magazine (Oxford) We had a fabulous opening with moving recitation of Kabita Chakma’s poem “I will defy” by Aungmakhai Chak, Marium Rupa and Rahnuma Ahmed. Many of the warriors were present in person. We were sad to miss Saydia Gulrukh, but her presence was felt. I will resist, I shall defy … Continue reading “Moving opening ceremony of "Kalpana's Warriors"”

Mishu in police custody

Moshrefa Mishu, president, Garments Sromik Oikko Forum, who was leading the fast-unto-death hunger strike of Tuba Group workers demanding 3 months arrear wages, festival allowance & overtime since July 28 was picked up by police today post-midday. She is being held by Detective Branch police at Minto Road. There is concern for her safety as?she … Continue reading “Mishu in police custody”


?I think it is natural to expect the caged bird to be angry at those who imprisoned her. But if she understands that she has been imprisoned and that the cage is not her rightful place, then she has every right to claim the freedom of the skies!” Kalpana Chakma Eighteen. The legal age to … Continue reading “Eighteen”

Justice Still Elusive in Factory Disasters in Bangladesh

by Jim Yardley. The New York Times Associated Press Bangladeshi officials at the Tazreen Fashions garment factory near Dhaka last year. A fire at the factory killed 112 workers. DHAKA, Bangladesh ? Inside Courtroom 21, the two judges peered down from high wooden chairs as lawyers in formal black robes presented their motions. Activists and … Continue reading “Justice Still Elusive in Factory Disasters in Bangladesh”

Searching for Kalpana Chakma

A Photo-Forensic Study Part of the “No More” public awareness campaign of Drik. Let me ask a silly question, my partner Rahnuma had said. ?But isn?t it all in your imagination?? Of course it was. The images I?d created, while based upon complex scientific procedures, did not ?prove? anything. The objects I had photographed, while … Continue reading “Searching for Kalpana Chakma”

Interview of Rafiur Rabbi by Shahidul Alam

Interview: Shahidul Alam and Rahnuma Ahmed Transcript: Saydia Gulrukh Kamal Translation: Hana Shams Ahmed Interview of Rafiur Rabbi, father of murdered teenager Tanvir Mohammad Toki of Narayanganj. from Shahidul Alam on Vimeo. Transcript of interview of cultural activist Rafiur Rabbi of Narayanganj. The body of Rabbi’s teenage son, a brilliant student from Narayanganj, was found … Continue reading “Interview of Rafiur Rabbi by Shahidul Alam”


COME AND JOIN 29TH MARCH PROTEST RALLY! RAISE YOUR VOICES, ITS NOW OR NEVER!! Shongkhubdho Nagorik Shomaj: Protest Rally Against Taqi Murder on Wednesday March 29 at 4pm at Raju Bhashkorjo, Dhaka University. Seventeen year-old Tanwir Muhammad Taqi, a meritorious A-level student, was found dead on March 8, 2013, two days after he had gone … Continue reading “NARAYANGANJ GODFATHER & FAMILY BEHIND TAQI'S GRUESOME KILLING”

Eating up children

by rahnuma ahmed Josna, isn’t Josna feeling cold? I didn’t know what to say as I sat beside Josna’s mother on the curb, outside the Emergency department of the Dhaka Medical College Hospital (DMCH). It was slightly chilly, the last cold wave of January was making its appearance felt. The breeze seemed to blow away … Continue reading “Eating up children”

NISHCHINTAPUR TRAGEDY: Letter from an unborn child

by Saydia Gulrukh Honourable prime minister, I AM an unborn citizen of Bangladesh. I was killed before I was born. My mother was twenty-two weeks and three days pregnant with me when fire broke out at Tazreen Fashions in Nischintapur. I was killed before I was born. Honourable prime minister, My mother, Mimi (pseudonym) worked … Continue reading “NISHCHINTAPUR TRAGEDY: Letter from an unborn child”