20 Years of Drik

Twenty years.

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How does one articulate a history spanning two decades in a few lines? The truth is, you can’t. Which is why we are sharing with you some of our proudest moments in the best way we know how – with images.

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This exhibition is not about the number of years that have passed, but the milestones achieved and the battles won. It is about the new paths we have forged from the unlikely location of Dhaka, the capital city of Bangladesh.

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While we try to show cherished snippets of our past, there are others that we have to keep in our memory. The people who have helped us, the mistakes we made, the things we had to believe in with all our heart – these things are more challenging to visualise, but just as important.

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Drik was set up to be a platform for voices from the majority world, and on this special occasion, we are proud to introduce the first in the Golam Kasem Daddy Lecture Series.

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Twenty years.

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For some, it could seem like an eternity. For us, this is just the beginning.

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5 Responses to 20 Years of Drik

  1. Congratulations to Shahidul and all the current staff at Drik on your 20th birthday. I was the first Photo Librarian and helped Shahidul set up Drik from 1989-1992. I was an Australian working there at the time. Its nice to be sitting here back in Australia and being inspired to see what Drik is today. After the 20 years from a small seed that was planted by Shahidul that grew into his long life ambition. It has really achieved its vision to change our perceptions of Bnagladesh and to make those voices and images visible glabally. What an inspiration and acheivement. Keep up this important work and may Drik live on!!!
    Cheryle Yin-Lo, Blue Mountains-World Heritage Area

  2. Rob Godden says:

    Happy 20th Birthday! It is inspiring to know that an organisation like Drik can not only survive 20 years in such a competitive industry full of ‘mega mart’ photo agencies but that it can be so innovative and prosperous. Congratulations on all your achievements and best of luck for the next 20!
    Rob Godden
    The Rights Exposure Project
    UK/Nepal/South Korea

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  5. Prabhat says:

    Congratulations!!! DRIK had persona of a grown up from day one but it really makes feel good that it turned 20. Hats off to Shahidul Alam, his spirit, his zeal, and to his team.

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